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A Note from our Chairwoman of the Board

My father slept in the men's lounge in the early years to build this business. Many good innovations and decisions later, some financial breaks and reinvesting in this cheese business has resulted in Great Lakes Cheese and its culture. Now we are in a season of more professional leadership, keeping the best of what was and building on those core values. One of the unique aspects of Great Lakes Cheese is our ability to do business the right way and respond quickly. Being family and employee owned, our focus is generations, not quarters! This is a huge advantage in a very capital intense business. Our employees as owners create a culture of quality and efficiency. Add to this the fact that cheese is a comfort food that is counter cyclical, certainly helps our business in the toughest economic years. I couldn't be prouder to be part of Great Lakes Cheese.

Heidi Eller
Chairwoman of the Board


Heidi Eller


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