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Career Pathways

We offer long-term career opportunities. When you choose to start your career at Great Lakes Cheese, you are supported in fulfilling your potential.

Stories of Infinite Potential

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Jack Lee

Started: 2003
Starting title:
Bulk Cheese Handler
Title now: Plant Manager, Fillmore, UT

“Great Lakes Cheese has given me the opportunity to pursue additional education and receive my undergraduate degree. I started out working on one of our production lines. From there I moved to Food Safety and Quality Assurance, then was coached and mentored, leading me to take on the role of Assistant Plant Manager where I took on roles of increasing responsibility. Now, I am proud to lead the Fillmore facility as Plant Manager. The company helped me build a career that I could have never imagined for myself.”

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Lucy Zamary

Started: 2017
Starting title:
Regulatory Intern
Title now:
Director of Procurement

“I took over 10 years off from work to stay home and raise my four children. I decided to re-enter the workforce at Great Lakes Cheese in 2017. I have been able to work in several different departments, learn more about the business, and take on more responsibility. As the lives and needs of my children have evolved, I have been given the opportunity to flex my career, experiencing remarkable professional growth while balancing work and home life.”

Ryan Clemens

Started: 2007
Starting title: Packaging Engineer
Title now:
Vice President of Packaging Operations

“The willingness of the family to reinvest in the company, people, and its culture is one of the many reasons I have dedicated my career to GLC. We are Owners and answer to each other, not investors.”

Bozena Lukomski

Started: 2001
Starting title: QA Manager
Title now: Senior Production Manager

“I have been employed with GLC for more than two decades. When I started my career here I was fairly new to the country and the language. The GLC team gave me all the support I needed to feel welcome. I am thankful and proud to be part of GLC team, where the Epprecht Family’s investments in employees and dairy industry is powerful and where employees’ safety and food safety is above all.”

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