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Proudly servicing:

  • Non-commercial accounts
  • Chain restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Independent restaurants
  • Distributors

Cheese is an essential ingredient or delicious topping on many of your customer’s favorite menu items.

We are dedicated to helping you navigate shifts in guest preferences with menu insights and ideas. We can help identify the right cheese flavors and forms, and the right shred, slice and loaf packaging for your operations. Together, we’ll ensure your total cheese portfolio creates operational efficiencies and delivers bottom-line results.

Packaged for Foodservice

We are known as the packaging experts for good reason: we’ve thought it through from front-of-house to back. Our pack-size options and closure systems ensure our cheese maintains top quality, food waste is minimized, and our products are easy to use. You might see our products under our own Great Lakes Cheese or Empire Select™ brands, or perhaps you have already experienced Great Lakes Cheese products under distributor brand labels.

Need flavor, recipe, menu and formula innovation help? We do that, too—at our new Customer Collaboration Center. Volume minimums apply.

Great Lakes Cheese offers:

More shred blends and cut options than anyone else in the industry

Shredded cheese in a pile




Diced cheese in a pile


With our award-winning portfolio of private brand labels at the ready, you don’t need to wait.

Committed To Your Success

Collaboration is the foundation of how we do business. Find out more about how we can support your growth.

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