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Employee Stock Ownership Plan

An employee benefit plan that gives workers ownership interest in the company.

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In 1971, Founder Hans Epprecht launched the pivotal Profit Sharing Plan to reward his people for their contributions to the company’s success. In 1998, the Epprecht Family established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), now one of the largest in the nation. All eligible employees are participants in the ESOP, which means that when you join the company, you become an employee-owner.

Growth Over Time

Historically, we have seen the growth of individuals’ ESOP accounts begin to compound in less than 10 years. As employee-owners stay with the company for more time, the wealth in their account has continued to expand. While there is market volatility year-to-year, employee-owners continue to put in the effort for long-term business growth, which in turn supports the ESOP’s growth.

ESOP and Our Ownership Culture

As an employee-owner, you own a part of the action, we encourage everyone to think beyond roles and responsibilities, and pitch in wherever possible for the good of the whole. Everyone’s actions matter.

What it Means to be a GLC Owner

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Rene Ayala

Production Supervisor

“Being part of a company that doesn’t just see you as an employee, but as an owner is very rewarding.”

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Natalie Hodge

Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

“At GLC we don’t let the fear of failure hold us back which is how we’re able to achieve great things.”

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Andrew Vann

Maintenance Technician II

“The only way to do great work is to do what you love.”

Join Our Team

Apply to be an Employee-Owner at Great Lakes Cheese, and join us in growing the business together. Our potential is infinite.

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